Tuesday, April 29, 2008

And print it

As my fellow crossword puzzle aficionados know, "Elia" was the nickname of a British poet named Lamb. One afternoon in April 1983, though, another Elia wasn't exactly lamblike.

Today marks the 25th anniversary of former Cubs manager Lee Elia's now-legendary clubhouse tirade following a tough loss. He blew his stack after the slow-starting North Siders blew another game, ripping the boo-bird fans in an extended rant that set new standards for profanity and candor.

Elia's back in town this week to mark the silver anniversary of his impromptu State of Wrigleyville Address, a milestone the Chicago media have covered at length. E.g., Sun-Times coverage is here and the Tribune's special commemorative package (!) is here, including some nifty spadework from FOBB&B Teddy Greenstein.

As for the source material itself, a transcript and audio are here (link via Moop).

A final note to the 15 percent of Chicagoans now reading this: get a job.

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