Sunday, March 13, 2011

Puzzle Week: The answers

For the past week — OK, closer to two weeks at this point — I've been writing about puzzle people, puzzle companies, puzzle events and puzzle television.

But I've also posted a few actual puzzles: three NPR Will Shortz-style brain teasers that a friend and I wrote, plus two logic crosswords from the Seattle startup Puzzazz.

To wrap up Puzzle "Week", I now present the answers.

In case you haven't finished solving yet — or haven't started — I'll repost the puzzles here, with the solutions in white text like I do with past weeks' NPR answers at right. Highlight the text to reveal the answers. But try to figure them out first.

Happy solving!

Where in the World?

Think of a world capital in two syllables. Change the fourth letter to the next letter of the alphabet and rearrange the letters to spell another world capital. What cities are they?


Hail to the Chief

Take the last name of a U.S. president and remove one letter. The remaining letters, read in reverse order, spell a word that describes the president. Who is it?

Answer:  TAFT, FAT  (partial credit for BUSH, SUBPAR)

Same and Different

Think of two synonyms that name a particular type of institution. Add the suffix "-er" to each and you'll spell two words that are effectively antonyms.


4x4 Logic Crossword

The following clues define eight 4-letter words. 

Figure them out and fit them into the square below.

Computer music protocol
It's not quite teal
Joke of sorts
Kennedy's Secretary of State
Like (with to)
National milk org.

5 & 3 Logic Crossword

The following clues define four 3-letter words and four 5-letter words. Each of the 3-letter words fits into the middle of one of the 5-letter words. Figure out the words and fit them into the square below.

Explorer John or Sebastian
He played with Joe, Waite, Lefty, and Babe
Louis-Philippe I was the last one
R2, for one
Type system for some donations
You might be under one or on one
Logic crossword puzzles reprinted with permission of Puzzazz.

Starting tomorrow... Turnip Week!

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