Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Security fail

Wouldn't you think the president would travel more incognito?

I drove past this car today on the I-290 Eisenhower Expressway, Illinois license plate OBAMA.


Anonymous said...

So you are admitting breaking the law by using your phone while driving?

Ben said...

Who said I took the picture, or that the photo was taken with a phone? Also, I thought the Illinois law only prohibits talking on a cell phone while driving.

Anonymously commenting on my blog, now that should be illegal. Man up and sign your name.

Elaine said...

Okay, Ben. I had the same thought as the Anony-person: "Why, Ben Bass, you naughty boy! Those bad conditions mean you need both hands on the wheel."

But who could resist taking a picture, in that situation? I'm surprised someone was able to buy a vanity plate with OBAMA on it!

BTW, enough of this Sharing The Cold Air. It's freezing here--seriously.