Friday, January 7, 2011

Presto, change-o, rearrange-o

As I mentioned in this space a month ago, FOBB&B Peter Gordon edits the weekly crossword puzzle at The Week magazine.

When each new year rolls around, Peter likes to create a puzzle that highlights the previous year's celebrity headlines by rearranging the letters of names in the news to spell appropriate answers.

Peter recently put out the call to his friends in crossword circles, asking us to suggest celebrity anagrams for this year's puzzle. I sent him a few ideas.

Out of the dozens of suggestions sent, he chose one of mine to use in the puzzle (at 1-Across and 69-Across, no less) along with submissions from Andrea Carla Michaels (36-Across) and Bonnie L. Gentry (54-Across), plus a nifty one he wrote himself (20-Across).

This year's puzzle is now hitting newsstands, assuming there are still newsstands, and also becomes available online today.

You can find the celebrity anagram puzzle here.

The Week's puzzle page is here.

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