Friday, July 11, 2008

Old school

Last week our Friday performance series took a break for Independence Day, but now that we're dependent again, we return this week to kick it old school.

I write event previews for Flavorpill, a popular culture guide (ambiguity intentional). It's kind of a big deal in its hometown of New York City, lower-profile but also respected here in Chicago.

Many of my Flavorpill writeups are about comedy and theater, but I also write about music, panels, readings, or what have you (sorry to boast but I'm equally ill-informed about everything).

Looking back, I seem to have unintentionally carved out a niche writing about events sponsored by a Chicago institution called the Old Town School of Folk Music, or as I affectionately call it, "Old School." For example, I wrote about it here and here, and way back before Flavorpill went from .net to .com, here.

That's a fair amount of coverage considering I've never taken a music lesson there in my life. I've only walked into their Lincoln Avenue headquarters a couple of times, first to see Gillian Welch and Steve Earle (a late substitution for a mourning Richard Thompson) on the grand opening weekend, and once for Red Red Meat and Califone.

But it's a beloved local institution with a rich history and excellent programming, so I support it in my humble fashion by helping to spread the word.

And thus, like Scorsese hiring De Niro for the umpteenth time to act in a movie about criminals, I return this week to my favorite muse, chipping in this writeup for the Old Town School's Folk and Roots Festival tomorrow and Sunday at Welles Park in Lincoln Square. If you're a music fan looking for some outdoor fun this weekend, you could do a lot worse.

As sometimes happens at Flavorpill, the above preview was edited within an inch of its life. One quip edited out was: "...for those who like a little old school in their Old Town School, expert cover bands playing Beatles, Kinks, and Wilco favorites."

But I edit this site, bitchez! So it's back! Ha ha! Boo-yaa! Sorry, my ad nauseam repetition of the term "old school" triggered some nostalgic 2003-style exuberance there.

To get us in the mood for the Beatles covers that the Old Town School's crack cover band will perform at Folk and Roots this weekend, here's the virtuosic Jake Shimabukuro's ukelele take on a Fab Four classic:

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