Thursday, July 10, 2008

Household corner

Move over, Hints From Heloise. Today it's all about Grandpa Benjy's Old-Time Home Remedies up in this piece.

From my neighbor Nancy S., a retired college professor who knows everything:
Are you troubled by multiple mosquito bites this season?  A little dab of household ammonia applied right to the bite completely eliminates the itch/pain, and also the swelling.  Furthermore, the itch/pain and swelling do not return when you get around to washing it off, even if washed almost immediately.

Of course, the ammonia and water base evaporate almost immediately, but household ammonia also includes various mysterious ingredients that the manufacturers do not want to divulge to competitors----“anionic and nonionic surfactants”, and “small quantities of processing aids and perfume”.  Not knowing what these substances are, I prefer to wash them off as soon as I can get around to doing so.  But, remember, household ammonia is supposed to be reasonably safe, as approved by the FDA, or whatever.  The instructions say to flood with water if there is prolonged contact with skin.

Maybe you knew about this remedy already, but I know lots of people who didn’t.  It is truly more effective than anything else I’ve encountered to provide immediate, and complete, relief from mosquito bites.

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