Monday, June 16, 2008

Tony, Tony, Tony

From A.O. Scott's New York Times review of "The Incredible Hulk":
Though the Hulk’s distended muscles are impressively veined — he looks less rubbery, and therefore more credible, than his precursor in “Hulk” — the scale and proportion of his body don’t seem quite right. His head is weirdly small, and his size in relation to other people and objects appears to fluctuate. Also, why is his hair so much darker than Mr. Norton’s?
I get the scale and proportion complaints, but in the context of a transformation from Edward Norton to a green Goliath, we could maybe overlook the hair color?


Mick Jammer said...

Bring back Lou Ferrigno, I say.

Ben said...

They did, actually: he has a cameo in the movie.

Mick Jammer said...

As a teeny little Incredible-in-the-70s Hulk who gets squished like a flea?