Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Passing thought

...about Blogger, the Google-owned and -provided software that I use to maintain this blog.

Due to my abiding love for you, my literally tens of readers, Ben Bass and Beyond accepts and displays your comments. When there's a total of one comment to a blog entry, Blogger says there's "1 comments."

"One comments?" A $202 billion market cap and none of your hundreds of handpicked tech geek all-stars can spare five minutes to write a few lines of code so Blogger says the word "comment" when there's only one comment? Despite its literary aspirations (by which I may only mean its general inclination to avoid typos and grammatical errors), my blog sounds like Borat telling how he "met the David Lettermans in the New York Cities."

I mean, I appreciate the free blog software (not to mention the blog hosting, the so-good-it's-a-verb Google search, the also massively good Gmail, Google Reader, Google Text, Google Maps, Google Earth, Google Groups, Google Docs, YouTube, and the other Google products I haven't used yet but may someday), but come on. Sergey. Larry. I'm just saying.


Blaine said...

I agree... looking at the template code it looks like they intended for this to work because they have labels defined for singular and plural, but it is buggy. I had to take this into my own hands and manually edit the template.

When editing your template, click the box for 'Expand Widget Templates' At the point where it is displaying the comments, change the code as follows:

<b:if cond='data:post.numComments == 1'>
1 comment

Call me Maniac said...

I thought it was funny that this post, talking about the grammatical error for number of comments, only had one comment and said "1 comments." So I had to come by and add one to make it sound better. :-)

Jenny Blair said...

heh heh heh. My literally tens of readers.

sizz. love it.