Monday, November 5, 2007

Arts, updated

1. Live music, tonight. Beloved local power-popsters Frisbie are the November artist in residence at Schubas' popular "Performance Space" series, performing there every Monday in November. Their stint kicks off tonight; opening acts vary. My Flavorpill writeup is here. You can't miss with a prodigiously talented band in a great room, for less than the price of a ticket to Good Luck Chuck.

2. Live music, this week. Against significant odds, Curt and Cris Kirkwood are back in fighting shape and the Meat Puppets are on tour with a new album under their belts. America's answer to the Kinks (i.e., a tuneful rock 'n' roller-coaster led by embattled brothers), the Pups have outwrestled their demons for the time being and play the Double Door this Wednesday and Thursday. My Flavorpill writeup is here.

3. Live music, coming weeks. Schubas' concert calendar includes two other upcoming shows of note. The Spares bring their tasteful Americana sound on Wednesday, November 28, and rising locals Canasta deliver the melodic chamber pop on Friday, December 14. You would enjoy attending these performances if you are into things that are good.

4. New Yorker Festival video. The New Yorker magazine has posted more event video from the 2007 New Yorker Festival. Among events previously discussed in this space, David Denby's interview with Judd Apatow and Seth Rogen is here, David Belle's parkour demonstration and conversation with Alec Wilkinson are here, and documentary filmmaker Errol Morris and writer Philip Gourevitch's discussion about Abu Ghraib is here. Other video worth checking out, including conversations with or between Steve Martin, Sigur Rós, Salman Rushdie, Martin Amis, Orhan Pamuk, and Seymour Hersh, is here.

5. Chicago Humanities Festival. The 2007 Chicago Humanities Festival is in full swing. But why are you trying to learn about it on my blog? There's a whole website about it, found here. That's the site you should be looking at, not this one. You need to reëvaluate your life. Seriously.

6. "The devil is 6."

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