Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Being for the benefit of...

...benefits. I just wrote about two such for Flavorpill, The Second City That Never Sleeps: Letters to Santa and the Old Town School of Folk Music's 50th Anniversary. The two events have much in common, as each is (i) a fundraiser for, inter alia, kids (ii) thrown by a local arts institution (iii) this week (iv) featuring Robbie Fulks, Jeff Tweedy, and Jon Langford.

The Fab Four reference in the above heading reminds me of Frisbie, the Beatlesy power-popsmiths who put a button on their monthlong Schubas residency tonight. They finished with a flourish, cranking out the catchy melodies and gorgeous harmonies from their new record. As good as the originals were, Frisbie's bracing, authoritative cover of "Fool in the Rain" kicked ass generally and mine specifically.

It has been a week of peas in pods. First I met a woman at a party on Friday who was born the same day I was, a cool and unexpected moment. Then my two writeups for Flavorpill appeared, looking kind of exactly alike if you squint. And finally I go see Frisbie tonight, and what with guitarist Liam Davis, opening act Howie Statland, and various members of the crowd including yours truly, it was a de facto North Shore Country Day School reunion.

As Jim Anchower once said: "Wheels within wheels, man."

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