Monday, October 5, 2009

Department of Corrections

Memo to ESPN's Mike Tirico: I hate to nitpick, but -- aw, whom am I kidding? I love to nitpick! During Brett Favre's coming out party tonight on Monday Night Football, when Ryan Longwell lined up to kick for the Vikings, you said, "Here's another longtime former Packer." You meant "another former longtime Packer." It's too soon to say it your way. It'll be true in forty years but Longwell won't still be playing then, although Favre probably will.

Memo to Fox's Brian Billick: You had about three malapropisms in ten minutes during the Bears telecast yesterday (not including calling your broadcast partner Thom Brennaman "Todd"), but I didn't bother writing them down or memorizing them, so you're off the hook. But beware: if you don't clean up your syntax, you might get called out on some jerk's blog.

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