Friday, May 30, 2008

Harmonic convergence

Our Friday performance series continues with the Everly Brothers, or as Paul McCartney called them in song, "Phil and Don."

Enjoy the masters at work:


Mick Jammer said...

A great video two-fer in which the Everlys show themselves to be almost completely devoid of sex appeal, even for 1962 or whatever. I mean sure, I'd do 'em, but I'm easy.

If you like I'll burn you a disc of these two and some other Everlys chestnuts. Wait--the RIAA isn't part of the Beyond, are they...?


Ben said...

The look may be stilted by today's standards, but it's nostalgic and charming.

Also, without the distraction of quick camera cuts and flashy effects, it's easier to appreciate the beauty and purity of the performance.

Compare to many music videos of recent years: all sizzle, no steak.