Sunday, May 25, 2008

Good enough for me

I just cracked open the third of the four Chinese fortune cookies I've been writing about. The paper slip inside read: "Be prepared to receive something special."

All righty then, an actual fortune for once. Kinda vague, but suitably predictive. Not advice, observation, compliment, fashion tip or maxim. Perfectly serviceable.

When we open the fourth and final cookie in the next few days, we'll see whether they finish strong with two real fortunes in a row, or regress to something like "You have many pleasing characteristics."

With all the talk of cookies and puppets lately, this would be a good opportunity to merge the two threads and acknowledge one of my childhood heroes, Cookie Monster.

He was the inspiration for Trekkie Monster, Avenue Q's resident Internet porn addict. Just as Trekkie grows a little by the end of the show, so has Cookie begun asking fundamental questions of himself, offering this bit of introspection over at McSweeney's.

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