Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Aloha, Ben Bass

As some of you know, particularly the Canucks who Google their way here every day, there's an actor named Ben Bass who starred on a hit television show in Canada and currently appears on an ABC-TV police drama called Rookie Blue. I've been meaning to write about him in this space for a while now.

But before I could do so, I got an interesting tip this morning from a friend. Apparently on last night's episode of CBS' Hawaii Five-0 there was a character called Ben Bass. Not the actor Ben Bass, but a character that someone chose to name Ben Bass.

So Hollywood's cop shows aren't just throwing work at actual Ben Basses, they're adding fictional Ben Basses when they can't get a real one. It's all about Ben Bass these days! Of course, I have long felt that way, but no one ever seems to agree with me.

What was the character Ben Bass like? As my friend reports, "A heartthrob, no less. Got to kiss Grace Park and everything." Naturally. Ben Basses are suave.

Take the aforementioned actor Ben Bass.  Apparently he is quite the stud, judging from the "ben bass married", "ben bass is hot", "ben bass girlfriend", "ben bass gay" and "ben bass shirtless" searches that pop up in my blog traffic.

But just in case these Googlers were actually looking for me, the answers to the above queries are 1. No,  2. Thanks,  3. No,  4. Despite all appearances, no  and  5. Really? People use the Internet for that sort of thing?

Getting back to Hawaii Five-0, in the incredibly unlikely event that a TV show with a character named Ben Bass is of any interest to anyone besides myself and the slightly less dashing actor with the same name, you can watch last night's episode, "Ko'olauloa," here.


Elaine said...

Speaking of bass, I caught almost 20 today, most of them on a hot pink spinner bait lure. (Can fish be gay?) My DH did not want to clean fish today, so we tossed them back into the lake as we caught them--at least 2 dozen were very large, hunky, eligible-bachelor bass! Who will live to get hooked another day.

Hope you did not get tornadoed, blown into Lake Michigan, or otherwise weatherbeaten today! What a day.

Daniel said...

I thought about this last night!

Trip said...

Obviously you need to submit to the public demand for a shirtless shot.

Joon said...

pix or it didnt happen

Anonymous said...

The actor is in fact recently married to a woman twenty years his junior (he's 42).

Bernie said...

I booked a trip for Mr Benjamin Bass, almost 10 years ago when he was in Vancouver. He is very good looking in a dark, brooding kind of way. He doesn't seem to be the type to flaunt his looks. I cannot imagine him posing shirtless! Anyway I thought him a most interesting person. Thank you for introducing me to Anton Chekov. I am a big fan!

Best! B Russell