Sunday, September 26, 2010

Peter Serafinowicz

That is my tip of the day.

I'd never heard of the guy until recently, when I was chatting with a comedy savant and friend of this blog. I mentioned that I was Facebook friends with a hilarious comedian who is a walking humor machine. His Facebook page is a constant stream of amusing status updates, not joke material exactly, just the funny things that apparently occur to this guy nonstop.

My friend also knew the guy, and said her equivalent was an English comedian called Peter Serafinowicz. I trust her opinion implicitly -- not only is she hilarious herself, she also happens to be married to one of my favorite standup comedians -- so I took her at her word and made a mental note to look for P.S.'s work.

Then the other day I was listening to Will Arnett on the Howard Stern radio show. He was very funny, obviously a huge Stern fan which made the whole exercise that much more entertaining, and a few interesting details came out (his father was the CEO of Molson when he was growing up in Toronto; he was briefly married to Penelope Ann Miller ten years before marrying Amy Poehler).

He was there to promote his new Fox sitcom, "Running Wilde," and sang the praises of the British guy on the show: Peter Serafinowicz.

If my friend and Will Arnett both like this guy, there must be a lot to like.

Trust me. Peter Serafinowicz.

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