Friday, September 3, 2010

Blog closed for Labor Day

To my literally tens of readers:

I'm leaving for Labor Day weekend, heading to a hippie wedding in New Haven, a tennis tournament in New York City, and only if things take an extremely unexpected turn, a Shinto prayer ceremony in Osaka.

It's not clear how much computer access I will have—I got the royal treatment at Wimbledon last year, with high-speed Internet access in the members' club built into Centre Court, but at the U.S. Open I'll be just another sunburned tourist—so it might be kind of quiet around here for a few days. And that will be my holiday gift to you.

Meanwhile, here's New Yorker cartoon editor and FOBB&B Bob Mankoff to put it all into perspective:


Elaine said...

Was that you up behind Serena Williams tonight? I am so glad you were not the brawler at the Djokovic match! (There was one moment when I felt a tiny frisson of anxiety....)
Just kidding!
Have a wonderful time!

Joon said...

heh. i hope you at least caught brad gilbert's djokovic interview at the end of that match. classic nole!