Sunday, September 5, 2010


This is my first-ever Ben Bass and Beyond BlackBerry blogpost, or for short, BB&B BB B.

I'm on an inbound Metro North train grinding across western Connecticut. (We just went through South Norwalk, clearly the best of all the Norwalks.) Since I won't either touch a real computer or have this much free time for the next few days, I thought I'd try to employ the most cumbersome imaginable means of updating this site.

New York and New Haven have made for a nice getaway. My fifth visit to the U.S. Open, continuing tomorrow, was relaxing; today's wedding of an awesome couple attracted similarly gentle, endearing guests (present company excepted).

One quick NYC story. On Friday evening we caught Colin Quinn's one-man show "Long Story Short," a comedic monologue summary of the history of human civilization. (I narrowly avoided buying tickets for a concurrently running musical with the same title.) The show was directed by Jerry Seinfeld, several of whose jokes were in the script.

After the show we walked from the Bleecker Street Theater to the West Village. On the first block we walked by Gina Gershon. Two minutes later we passed Michael Tucker. Five minutes later we walked by Bob Dylan's old apartment. Oddly, after all these brushes with fame, we had a late dinner at the celebrity hangout Da Silvano, where we saw: no one.

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