Sunday, August 8, 2010

Two down

As I did last May, I have once again guest-written Rex Parker's hugely popular New York Times crossword blog.

I don't usually do the Sunday puzzle, but when the president calls, you serve your country.

Check it out here.


Elaine said...

Well, whoever was supposed to do Monday is apparently asleep at the switch. Rex did well to pick someone with an overgrown conscientiousness trait for Sunday. Today's pick? Not so much.

Rex Parker said...


So much for your not reading my blog any more. HA ha. Apparently you not only read, but care deeply enough to leave a mean-spirited comment on someone else's blog (who does that???) when the post is not up early enough for you. Classy.

You're the best, Ben. Thanks. You deserve more, and Much better, comments.


Elaine said...


Not sure how a compliment to you becomes a 'mean-spirited' comment to someone else, but feel free to remove my note.

Needless to say, I will even enter the kingdom of rp to read your reviews and write-ups, plus I back-tracked and read the other guest-appearances. Was glad you mentioned it so I didn't miss out on the tapir.

Joon said...

nice writeup, as always.