Thursday, August 5, 2010

Rex in effect

I will once again be sitting in for the noted crossword blogger Rex Parker this Sunday.

Rex is traveling this week (to a distant planet in superheroic style, judging from his avatar) so a rotating panel of brilliant guest writers is handling things in his absence.

It all builds to a underwhelming conclusion as yours truly grabs the steering wheel to guide you through the big puzzle in the Sunday New York Times.

Until then, crossword fans, keep your pencils sharp.


Elaine said...

Pencils? We don't need no stinking pencils! Ink.

Don't go to RexWorld these days but will make an exception since it's you! I enjoy the WordPlay blog, since I have to get my NYT puzzles via online subscription. (I quit taking a newspaper. Modern Times.)

Elaine said...

It's early on Sunday, and I just finished the puzzle, checked out the WordPlay blog (with a cool interview featuring DR. Klawitter), and read your run-down. Great job! Left an anony-ment because I just fell in love with the wee TAPIR. I always thought this was a singularly unattractive mammal. Who knew?

Ben said...

Thanks, Elaine.

I found a bunch of photos of ugly adult tapirs and cute baby tapirs. Apparently as they grow up the cuteness tapirs off.

I went with cute.