Sunday, July 11, 2010

Radio, radio

Will Shortz has once again paid me the compliment of using a puzzle I wrote as the NPR Weekend Edition Sunday listener challenge. (He also did me the favor of mentioning this blog on the radio, which is adding a number of first-timers to my literally tens of readers.)

The puzzle aired this morning. If you missed it, you can listen to it here or read a transcript here.

I presented Will with the puzzle last Sunday over breakfast at the annual convention of the National Puzzlers' League. For the full story, scroll down a couple of posts to the NPL convention trip report, entitled "Enigmarama," or click here.

Since the NPR challenge is open for business until Thursday afternoon, I won't say anything else about the puzzle for now, other than that Will Shortz is the same in person as he is on the radio: smart, friendly, and fun to be around.

Now get solving, America.


My Little Family: said...

Congrats on your puzzle being selected Ben. I love the name of your blog :) While I don't discuss peanut butter on mine, it's probably equally boring if you aren't a gardener or ihto Rat Terrier rescue. I guess that is the beauty of the web - there is something for everybody.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I actually managed to get this one, in spite of it involving anagramming. (I was trying to anagram and thought, "There's a lot of Es in here. Wait, wasn't I recently trying to do wordplay with a landmark with too many Es in its name?") After which I thought, "Maybe I should check the name of the person who wrote it to see if I know them".

I should almost be disqualified based on having been your Con roommate, but it's not like I'd heard you come up with this (and, heck, I solved it without the additional hint that it was written by my con roommate).

Misa Sugiura said...

Hi, Ben.

Don't even know if you know who I am (friend of Justin's from NT swimming) but I heard your name on NPR on Saturday morning and had to check to see if it was the same little brother. And it appears that you are. So yay, you.

Ben said...

NT swimming rock star, Justin's date to some dance or other, older sister of my high school and college acquaintance Ken Sugiura? Never heard of you.

Just kidding, of course I remember you. Thanks for stopping by. Did you enter the puzzle contest?

p.s. I just checked out your blog and I like it.

Anonymous said...

I was going to chime in that I'm still cooler than Ben.....but with Misa Sugiura commenting on Ben's blog? Sigh....Ben's cooler.

Justin B.