Friday, July 30, 2010

Beating the heat

One way is to get indoors, enjoy some air conditioning and laugh at everyone who's being sunburned outside.  I'd particularly recommend Heat Stroke, the new summer show from FOBB&Bs Creepy Hug Productions.

As their press release puts it...

"Need a way to beat the summer heat?  Why not try Heat Stroke, a blast of refreshing sketch comedy that will help you endure what’s left of this sweltering season.   Heat Stroke provides laugh-quenching satire and musical numbers that poke fun at the dog days between Memorial Day and Labor Day.  Heat Stroke is the tenth original revue from the Creepy Hug comedy team that met in The Second City’s writing program in 2003."

Sounds good to me.

Heat Stroke opens tomorrow night in Donny's Skybox Theatre at The Second City, Pipers Alley, 1608 N. Wells St., Chicago.  Saturdays at 7:30pm through August 28.  Tickets are $13 general admission, $10 for students with ID and $6 for Second City students; or (312) 337-3992.

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