Thursday, June 17, 2010

Cuckoo for Coco

Conan O'Brien's live show has already hit the Chicago Theatre and moved on to points south, but his writers take center stage tonight as part of the Just For Laughs Chicago Festival.

In Team Coco Presents: The Conan Writers Live, the guys (and they are all guys) who write the bits for late night's smartest silly show, and silliest smart show, step out from the writers' room and grab the mike. Many of them are seasoned standups and this show is consistently selling out in Los Angeles as the countdown to Conan's new TBS vehicle continues.

Likewise, tonight's show (sorry, didn't mean to almost say "Tonight Show") is a hot ticket despite the inexplicable absence from the lineup of the three most prominent Chicago comedy scene alumni, not counting Andy Richter, on Conan's writing staff.

And on a personal note, having been fortunate enough to make repeated backstage visits to Conan's NBC show over the years, I can assure you that these gentlemen are seriously funny.

My Flavorpill preview is here.

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