Friday, June 4, 2010


People sometimes tell me they don't know what the hell I'm talking about, but it's pretty rare that even I don't know.

That happened to me today when my trusty traffic meter revealed that someone surfed into this site from Levice, Nitra, Slovakia and read it in their native tongue (Slovakian?).

I couldn't resist taking a look at an Eastern European version of my blog, which looks like an explosion in a type foundry. It turns out that BEN BASS AND BEYOND translates to BEN BASS A NA ĎALŠIE ROKY, which is also what the marquee looked like the night I headlined the Slovakia Theater with Roky Erickson.

Check out the translated version here, where you'll "enjoy" it as much as you do the original.

(smirks haughtily like Steve Martin) Oh, right... some of us don't speak Slovakian.


grog said...

...reminds me of the time I bought this book, Larf Larf Hoo Hoo. Couldn't understand a word of it. Definitely not worth the $49.95 I paid for it.

BG said...

About time...

"Máš na olympijských hrách hostiteľa hrať ich národný šport. Vďaka nim je v názve hry proti talentovaný americký tím, ktorý je poraziť predtým v turnaji. Je to blízko, vzrušujúcu hru a ako čas beží, USA ju viaže a odošle ju na náhlu smrť



Elaine said...

Hey, what's that STUPENCI up in the right hand side of the heading, eh?

But I love that 'American' is 'Americky.'