Wednesday, April 14, 2010

America's continuing decline

Buzz Aldrin: You know how many followers I have on Twitter?

Howard Stern: How many?


Robin Quivers: Wow!

Stern: And you're busy tweeting?

Aldrin: Well, I have a mission director. She used to work for John Tesh. She and my stepdaughter harmonized for the rap song with, uh--

Stern: You did a song with Snoop Dogg, right?

Aldrin: I did this song with Snoop Dogg and Kweli.

Stern: Did you smoke chronic with him?

Aldrin: No, but he's a very brilliant guy. He's able to come up with comments in a big hurry.

Stern: Let me hear a little of this song. I didn't know you were into the whole rap scene.

Aldrin: I wasn't a dancer either. I forgot everything Arthur Murray told me fifty years ago.

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