Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Librarian, write thyself

Speaking of "President" Bush, his wife Laura just signed a book deal with HarperCollins, selling the rights to her memoir for an undisclosed sum.

What will she write about? Smiling and waving? She's a complete cipher, with the most minimal public persona of any First Lady I can remember. Perhaps we'll finally learn something about her.

Unfortunately, Laura Bush's book will likely ignore or gloss over the one thing about her that interests me: the fact that as a teenage driver, she ran a stop sign and caused an accident that killed a high school classmate (this is true).

When her husband signs his book deal, of course, it will involve hiring someone to read him one.


John C. said...

I think we have to turn to fiction to get any kind of dramatic satisfaction from the manslaughter incident:

(Haven't read the novel yet myself, but I did enjoy Sittenfeld's debut "Prep," so I'm curious.)

Ben said...

I read reviews of Sittenfeld's book at the time it came out. It struck me as somewhat opportunistic in its choice of "fictional" subject matter. However, because it drew attention to a story that I assume had previously been hushed up by Rove and co., I was nonetheless happy to see it.

Martin said...

But Ben, your interest in that incident reveals you for the morbidly prurient person you are. You should know better.

Those two statements were an example of the patented Bush administration "preemptive [rhetorical] strike," and I thank you, Ben, for this last opportunity to wield it before Bush leaves the scene for good.