Friday, August 26, 2011

Yankees hit three grand slams

Baseball is weird. One minute you're trailing 7-1 in a dreary, rain-delayed ballgame, the next minute you've scored 22 runs and set an all-time record.

After nearly 200,000 major league baseball games played over the past 136 years, the New York Yankees did something yesterday no big league team had ever done when they hit three grand slams in one game. And that's not even counting Derek Jeter's four trips to the plate with the bases loaded, in which he drove in a total of just one run; it was Robinson Cano, Russell Martin and MVP candidate / University of Illinois at Chicago product Curtis Granderson who slammed the 4-RBI HRs.

Pretty impressive. And yet they still suck.

Yankees hit record 3 grand slams in rout of A's


Elaine said...

Is that a Cubs fan speaking?

Ben said...

A little, but mostly the voice of reason.