Sunday, August 21, 2011


Just had lunch at the Publican, chef Paul Kahan's popular Fulton Street pork-and-beer-itorium. As many people have noticed, there's a waiter there who's the spitting image of the actor Adrian Grenier, best known as Vinnie Chase on HBO's "Entourage." Like, so much so that Chicago magazine has written about it. We saw the guy from across the restaurant and briefly talked about it.

The odd part was that our waiter was a dead ringer for another actor I know, one with less fame but more acting chops than Adrian Grenier: Alex Fendrich of IO Theater and The Second City. Even odder, when I mentioned this to him, he actually knew Alex because he's an aspiring actor and improviser who took Alex's improv class at IO. Everyone there called him "Baby Fendrich."

These things tend to come in threes, and sure enough, on my "L" ride home I sat opposite a beautiful young woman, pale with strawberry blonde hair and freckles, who looked exactly and I mean exactly like a  "Mean Girls"-era Lindsay Lohan.  I asked her if anyone ever told her, etc., and she replied, "Every day."

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