Friday, April 1, 2011

'Pen sounds

A tip of the fitted cap to FOBB&Bs Jeremy Horwitz and Tyler Hinman, who wrote yesterday's appropriately baseball-themed New York Times crossword puzzle. It was Opening Day in the major leagues.

Like every good religion, superhero and fetus, this puzzle has an interesting origin story, well told by Jason Turbow of the NYT (spoiler warning: don't read the article if you still plan to solve the puzzle):

Meet 30-Down: A Giants Closer and a Beach Boys Vocalist

Since you'll get there via the above link, I don't think this will count against your 20 free NYT articles per month — here's a way around the paywall, BTW — but even if it does, it's worth it.


Elaine said...

Jim had a nice link to the article on WordPlay (he still posts the Xword Answers,) but thanks for drawing more attention to this. It was a fun read. The puzzle's double whammy of sports clues and popular music, however, forced me to Google, so it was a Fail. What if I fed you a list of quilting terms and you concocted a puzzle with that theme? Payback!

Ben said...

Must point out for the record that Deb Amlen recently took over for Jim Horne as the primary Wordplay (official NYT crossword blog) scribe.

Elaine said...

Yes, Deb's now The Lone Blogger; Jim remains behind the scenes, as I noted. Deb's been there a while now, actually.