Friday, April 29, 2011

The guy is a prince




Elaine said...

How do THEY know what he said?

'Fess up: did you get up and watch?

I did. Another advantage to being female!

Ben said...

Read the article: a deaf lip-reader was seated nearby.

You seem not to assume I was invited.

I didn't get up to watch it, but I found myself awake in the wee hours so I watched a little before falling asleep again.

Elaine said...

There are at least three 'lip-reader' versions out there--no two alike.

I think he said, "You look beautiful;" /b/ is easy to spot, being a plosive.

Ben said...

The Telegraph broke the story with "You look stunning, babe," then changed it to "You look beautiful" presumably to bland it up and not offend the royal family. This is the more interesting version thus the one I used. (I took the link from the Herald, which did not change its syndicated copy from the Telegraph after the latter amended the original.)

Elaine said...

My question is, why couldn't they use those fancy directional microphones that are in all the spy movies? I mean, as long as we're going to eavesdrop....