Tuesday, November 23, 2010

One ring to rule them all

I think my hand is in that photo somewhere, but let's face it, this snapshot is all about the Chicago Blackhawks championship ring I'm wearing. 

My dad's college roommate spent over forty years as the Blackhawks' public address announcer and still works for the team. In gratitude for his decades of service, the team presented him with the same commemorative jewelry they gave the players after they won the Stanley Cup last June.

I ran into our friend at a charity function the other night. (At least I think it was him; I could hardly see past the glare of his bling.) Being a sport, he let me check it out.

It's the biggest, heaviest ring I've ever put on, assuming it isn't a bracelet. He tells me it weighs over a pound and I'm pretty sure he isn't kidding. This thing is a golf ball-sized cluster of diamonds and precious metal. The above flashless BlackBerry photo doesn't do it justice; it sparkles like Bobby Hull in the NHL constellation of stars. 

It's also engraved with a picture of the Stanley Cup, our friend's name and the years the Hawks won the title. All in all, an excellent keepsake from a thrilling championship season.

Go Hawks.

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Elaine said...

Isn't that meant to be worn in the belly button?