Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Setup, joke

Like the New Yorker? Pretend to like the New Yorker but just flip through the cartoons?

Either way, you might enjoy this report I wrote on the recent Chicago Humanities Festival, which featured a number of New Yorker staff writers and artists.

Of particular note, cartoon editor Robert Mankoff joined fellow cartoonists Roz Chast, Ed Koren and Pat Byrnes for a freewheeling panel discussion on their ongoing contributions to a great American tradition.

I wrote the story for Emdashes, a website all about the New Yorker, founded by the casually brilliant Emily Gordon and edited by the literate jet-setter Martin Schneider.

Though their love for the New Yorker is pure and their knowledge of its history commanding, they have serious publishing cred: Emily is the editor-in-chief of Print magazine and Martin is a professional book editor.

If you like the New Yorker, you'll love their site.

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