Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Two more

...goodwill tours, meaning tours by artists for whom I feel goodwill.

Squeeze and Aimee Mann are on the road, longtime contributors cashing a well-earned check by banging out the hits.  I'm more into Squeeze, but who'd object to the stalwart Aimee Mann?  It's a nice bill.

They played Ravinia here over Labor Day weekend, which I forgot to mention at the time (apologies to the literally three or four people who look to this space for entertainment advice), but I did write it up for Flavorpill here.

On the timelier tip, here's a timelier tip.  The great Mike Birbiglia, one of America's best and brightest young standup comedians, plays the Lakeshore Theater tomorrow night.  Check it out.

Actually, it's almost certainly sold out by now, but my Flavorpill preview's been online for a month now.  Surely you read it weeks ago and got your tickets then, right?


haphazardmusings said...

Aimee Mann played right here in the humble village of Tuscaloosa, and if I may say so, put on a damn fine show. She's touring with this band The Submarines, and they're also pretty good.

Anonymous said...

Birbiglia's show on September 11th is sold out, but he added a second one on October 4th.

Ben said...

Thank you for the information, well-informed shadowy figure. :)

Anonymous said...

I saw Aimee Mann's Tuscaloosa show w/ Freckles. I've always admired her work, but I went to the show mainly because we don't get many good concerts down here. (That said, things are looking in the Druid City; Ryan Adams and the Drive-By Truckers are also playing here over the next month.)

Aimee Mann put on a fantastic show. There were many highlights, but I particularly loved her solo acoustic version of "Cigarettes and Red Vines"; it was a haunting, shimmering masterpiece.

Mick Jammer said...

Go Ben - you are HUGE in Tuscaloosa!!

Also, your readership there seems to have cool nicknames.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Mick.

Ben's like David Hasselhoff: He isn't appreciated in his home base, but he looks great without a shirt.

Ben said...

I also think my car talks to me.