Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Lord of the Rings: Two takes

The Lord of the Rings is like the Civil War, the Boston Red Sox, and Bob Dylan. There's so much to it that even if you don't take a personal interest, you have to respect the many who do.

Their enthusiasm, in turn, can take many forms. Chief among these are the pious, as in graphic artist J.T. Fridsma's painstaking visualization of the intersecting courses charted by the individual members of the Fellowship of the Ring:

...and the silly, as in this video from the popular parody site "How It Should Have Ended":


Aaron Fuegi said...

"Eagles aren't forks!"

Quoting comment 4 at

This also has Frodo voluntarily dropping the ring in which he was unable to do in the book. This would of course have been after he had had it for less long but still might not have been practical. If willing to make the sacrifice, having Gwaihir drop Frodo holding the ring might work however. It has a much greater influence on its bearer than those around him.

D. Gl. said...

Randall Monroe's xkcd also did a great LOTR visualization:

(Click the picture to make it larger.)