Wednesday, September 14, 2011

America: Made in India

My wallet happens to be made by Perry Ellis America.  I just noticed that the cloth tag, which is folded in half and sewn into the lining, reads "Perry Ellis" on one side and "America" on the other.

And thus did the manufacturer send the inadvertently political message "America: Made in India."


Elaine said...

Speaking of 'Made in India'--I finally watched 'Slumdog Millionaire.' (I am catching up on a lot of movies, tramping along on the treadmill.) I see why it won Oscars, but it still made me want to kill myself...

Rose said...

BWAHAHA! Well it's fine , you should be satisfied with the goodness of your wallet then to worry about the tag! And only by watching Slumdog Millionaire you can't judge the whole of India man! India is a land of nations where people have so many different religions,customs , traditions , they have soo many festivals which I belief is the best part! If you look at poverty then my friend it is everywhere.Besides,in the movie the director had targeted only the slums of Mumbai city, he had shown India in rags but in reality it is different and very beautiful.
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