Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Jay Ryan

The great Jay Ryan, laconic gentleman, colossal talent, New Trier Trevian, FOBB&B, has earned an international reputation for his handmade silk-screened rock poster art. Check out his impressive body of work at

Every few years Jay compiles his recent work into a book. I've got the 2009 omnibus, Animals and Objects In and Out of Water, having known Jay since long before Wilco and Andrew Bird were vying for his services. (Then again, I once met Larry King, so don't judge your coolness against my towering standard.)

The 2005 compendium, 100 Posters/134 Squirrels, quickly sold out and went out of print. Happily, Jay has just updated it with additional commentary on each of the hundred prints, new photographs and a different cover. The rereleased book is now available at Jay's website.

Jay will be appearing this Friday evening at Quimby's Bookstore in Bucktown, Chicago to sign copies of the book and entertain questions about his artistic process. Check it out and you'll learn why he is in great demand as a guest speaker at art schools and poster art conventions around the country.

That he's a quietly hilarious guy only adds personality to the fascinating subject of how Jay creates his exemplary pieces of art -- he won't tell you, but he's the best in his field -- and what it's like to ply an old-school trade in the age of the iPod for America's leading rock stars and most tasteful poster collectors.

My Flavorpill preview is here.


Maybe Anonymity is Better said...

Ben, I'm pretty sure I have personally shot (yes, with a weapon) 34 squirrels. Should I quickly whip up a quilt series regarding these fancy-tailed rodents and submit same?

The squirrels were trepassing.

Jason said...

I have a serious addiction to screen printed posters. If I was in Chicago, I'd love to get his autograph.