Monday, December 20, 2010

Happy holidays to you

And in that spirit, check this out.


Elaine said...

The neat Macy's chorus I had seen....but scroll down a couple and watch 'Jazz Hand!' OMG!! Hilarious!

Ben said...

By a complete coincidence, I actually know two of those people (the two key characters) because we performed at the same comedy theater in Chicago 10 years ago. Only discovered they were in that video when you suggested I watch it.

Elaine said...

Ben, I was planning to chastise you for hooking me on 'Guess My Word.' I think I'd actually be a contender if (a) I didn't have to write down my 'parameter words' because I can't keep red/blue straight; and (b) I didn't make so many typo's. Also, I do wish people would stop phoning in the middle of my solve. Ah, well; life is just a vale of tears, eh? Anyhow, I am refining my technique. Joon always goes for obscure words, which makes it easier to get his selections; I suspect he does not realize how predictable he's gotten. Mike is sly--he waits for the 3rd or 4th letter before going rogue.

Well, have a lovely holiday season!

Ben said...

I like to guess the words toward the end of the day so I can see the range of how many guesses people took. It helps me get a sense of what to expect.

But looking at the leaderboard can be perilous because of the occasional idiot who gives away the answer with the name they choose. My solution is to cover the names and just look at the guess count and time columns.

Speaking of being interrupted, I quickly learned not to play at work because even when you're in a lull you have little control over people talking to you, incoming phone calls, etc.

As for word selection, both Joon and Mike steer predictably clear of short words. When you get close, you know it's going to be something like "egomaniac," not "egg."