Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Stage notes

Chicago Theater League softball stud and all-around good guy Jake Schneider mounts a one-man show, "San Cliche," tonight at 8pm at the IO Theater (née ImprovOlympic), 3541 N. Clark Street. The show plays again on March 24. More information is here.

Stick around afterward for a performance by Jake's improv group, longtime Chicago favorite The Reckoning, playing at 10:30 p.m. The stalwart IO house team continues to crank out the high-quality bits even as its cast members have become sought-after players on stage and screen.

Pat O'Brien and Brad Morris, for example, are mainstage cast members at The Second City. When not banging out eight shows a week at Pipers Alley, Pat is remounting scenes from his critically acclaimed solo shows along with new material and special guests, Sunday nights at 10:30 at IO.

Everyone calls Pat "POB," which is why his production is called "The POB Show." More information is here.

Stop by and check out one of these fine productions, or heck, all of them.  Beyond supporting live theater, a worthwhile end in itself, you'll also be stimulating our fragile economy and providing a boost for some talented Chicagoans.  Plus you win too:  they're hilarious.

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