Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Making "Friends"

Hello, fellow triviaheads.  I hope you had an enjoyable holiday weekend.

The day after Labor Day fills a lot of people with dread:
  • Students, because they have to go back to school;
  • Teachers,                   "                  "                     ; and
  • Me, because we now embark on 14 weekdays in a row of LearnedLeague action and I've committed myself to writing about all of them.
Between the fall theater season opening (I write about shows), fewer people in our office due to travel, the U.S. Open tennis tournament underway that I follow closely, the Democratic National Convention this week, and only a month left in our outdoor tennis season, the prospect of spending 90 minutes a day writing about trivia is fairly daunting. 

I only managed to write about one match during the busy holiday weekend (wedding, tennis, out of town guest, high school friends' rock band reunion show, etc.), I'm already two matches behind, and we're only now hitting our grueling stretch of three straight weeks of trivia days. Sure, I could phone it in by quickly tossing off subpar writeups, but I'd rather spend my usual hour-plus and work hard to create subpar writeups.

So please bear with me as I try to keep up, but I will probably be a few days behind at times, and try to make up the ground on the weekend(s).

For now, here's a gem that my mom chipped in from a sea not named after a color, i.e. the Mediterranean:

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