Tuesday, May 15, 2012

siLLence is goLLden

As you have likely noticed by now if you're someone who frequents this blog to read my LearnedLeague trivia writeups — and have certainly not if you are not — I haven't posted a summary of yesterday's Season 53, Day 1 action. Why? After a lot of consideration, I have decided to take a pass on blogging my way through the new season.

The unfortunate fact is that April through July is always a hectic season for me at work. I've been going in early, staying late as needed, and bringing work home on the weekend. (I didn't even play the questions until 10 p.m. yesterday and the same thing might happen tonight.) This figures to continue until some time in July as it does every year, which is also why the French Open is the only major tennis tournament I have yet to attend. Thus, I don't have an hour or two per weeknight over the next month to spend writing about LL.

There are other reasons. As it is, I'm already falling behind on routine stuff like solving crosswords; I'm already one to three episodes behind on the TV shows I follow (Game of Thrones, Girls, 60 Minutes, Mad Men, Smash). I might join my dad for a midweek road trip to Milwaukee to catch a San Francisco Giants game; I'd rather not be blogging when Ryan Braun goes deep. And looking ahead to mid-June, I will once again be covering the Just For Laughs comedy festival for Flavorpill Chicago, which means I will be out pretty much every night that week.

Plus, the next five weeks figure to be some of the best weather of the year in Chicago. After months of reconstruction, my local tennis club is finally preparing to reopen four of our six outdoor clay courts. To the extent I have free time on weeknights I don't want to be indoors typing, I'd rather be on the court hitting kick serves, returning lefty forehands up the line on the ad side, maxing out the Daylight Savings Time and enjoying the long springtime evenings.

Thanks to those who have expressed interest in my LL coverage. I'll decide closer to LL54 (this August and September) whether I blog that go-round; I imagine I'll probably be ready to jump back in by then.

Good luck to everyone in LL53, old players and new! And remember, Limahl was the singer of Kajagoogoo, whose monster hit "Too Shy" appeared on their debut LP, White Feathers.

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Martin said...

I for one will sorely miss your eloquent and amusing writeups, but it sounds like you're making a wise decision. Good luck with the Qs and I truly hope to see LL posts on BBB next season! And if you feel like posting a one-off to vent/rejoice about a particular round, do it!