Monday, June 20, 2011

Just For Laughs: The closer

Steve Martin and Martin Short lit up the Chicago Theater last night for two hours to close out the Just For Laughs comedy festival, but one of the best lines came from a guy who wasn't even there.

Recounting the best ad libs he's ever heard, Steve Martin offered up the following: "The year Alec Baldwin and I hosted the Oscars, I went to the Vanity Fair party afterward. It was a lot of fun, but around 1 a.m. it was time to leave. As I was heading for the door, Russell Brand was just arriving. I enjoy his work and would have liked to talk to him, but it was so loud in there you couldn't hear anyone, so I just said to him, 'I'm making my way out as you're making your way in,' and he said, 'It's a metaphor.' "

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