Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow big deal

While Chicago unburies itself from snow, many of us are housebound until roads are cleared and trains resume normal operation.

If you're as sick of watching news coverage as I am, try your hand at this crossword puzzle I wrote last spring. I was learning how to construct puzzles and this was my third effort.

I made the blocks gray rather than black to save you some toner. You can also email me for an Across Lite version that you can solve on your computer screen.

OK, crossword fans, have at it:


Elaine said...

That was fun! I especially liked the clue for 51D AND the answer for 55D. Of course, I tried the 'sturdy indefensible,' ITS ME, first.

Hope you thaw out before long. The national news story about Lakeshore Drive was really something. My question is: everyone knew this was coming; what the heck were they thinking?

Ben said...

Since traffic kept moving on Lake Shore Drive as the Tuesday evening rush hour got underway and inches of snow fell, officials decided to keep the Drive open rather than divert thousands of cars onto side streets. Had they closed it earlier, they would likely have been crucified for that decision as well. It was a no-win situation. To his credit, the city official who made the call stepped up the next day before reporters, explained the decision process, and accepted responsibility.

Elaine said...

What I actually meant (and expressed poorly) was this: why didn’t they direct people to go (or stay) home ahead of the storm? Not that I’d hold Arkansas up as a shining example of many things, but the storm that’s coming tomorrow is going to clobber the whole state. Already the cancer center where my husband is being treated has cancelled all of the radiation patients for the next two days; hospitals and essential services are housing workers to keep from finding themselves understaffed; and of course everything else is just plain closing. Arkansas knows darn well that it doesn’t have what it takes to handle the storm; maybe that’s an advantage. Better just to keep as many people off the roads as possible…. Chicago gets walloped so often that it may have had a false sense of preparedness and too much can-do spirit…or not. Well, all of the people who got trapped or abandoned their vehicles will have a story to tell for the rest of their lives.