Monday, February 1, 2010


Fryer suspected in fire that gutted Costa's in Greektown
Chicago Tribune]

A deep fryer may be the cause of an extra-alarm fire that destroyed a Greektown restaurant and heavily damaged a building next door, fire officials said.

The manager of Costa's Greek Dining and Bar told firefighters responding to the scene at 340 S. Halsted St. that the fire started in the kitchen and a fryer may have sparked the blaze, fire officials said.

A Fire Department spokesman said they were investigating the fryer as the possible cause, but no final determination had been made. No injuries were reported.

Sounds like a Greece fire.


Anonymous said...

"Sounds like a Greece fire."

Now that's just wrong.

(But funny! Shhh...)

j. keeble said...

First Big Al's...

Now Costa's...

What's the world coming to?

Unknown said...

This sucks....its where we were planning to go for Mother's Day. Now where?

Ben said...

I've always been partial to Greek Islands. Or you could go where my parents took their honeymoon: actual Greek islands.